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  • phil oss o PEE dee uh

I didn't know about the Philosopedia, and have just taken a look at it - a great idea!
Sir Arthur C. Clarke, 5 September 2007

Philosopedia, the free online research engine, was founded in 2005 by Warren Allen Smith and was hosted by In 2014 its database was corrupted, and its host claims being unable now to provide what at the time had received 7,194,625 hits, had 4,830 entries, had 17,114 pages; and uploaded 8,650 pages.

Who are the individuals who run ""? According to Wikipedia: Anthony Pinn, Director of Research; Board Members; Warren Wolf, Larry Jones, Carol Wintermute, im Craig, Roy Speckhardt, Louis Altman, Amanda Knief, and Jennifer Kalmanson); Senior Fellows: Arthur Caplan, Professor Sebastian Velez, Peter Derkx, Sikivu Hutchison, Howard Radest, Sharon Welch, and Monica Miller. All will be re-entered in Philosopedia when all entries that Philosopedia had are returned with a satisfactory explanation.

Philosopedia, disappointed by now uses, as its host,


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