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Brooklyn Boy in a Big City (2008)

Ligardy Olivier Termonfils (17 September 1992 - )

Termonfils, the son of Lima Charles-Pierre and Emmeline Termonfils, was born in Haiti. His father was one of Baby Doc Duvalier's bodyguards and was captain of the nation's volleyball team. His mother is the daughter of Marie Yva Termonfils Volmar (15 October 1935 - 2 June 2006).

Separating from her husband, Ligardy's mother moved to Brooklyn, New York, where she brought her 9-year-old son. Ligardy's father was assassinated in 2004 in Haiti.

Ligardy (pronounced as if spelled LeGardy) volunteered for the genographic project of National Geographic, which revealed that his DNA test showed that he is descended from M168, the name for the study's earliest genetic reference, a man who lived 50,000 years ago when approximately only 10,000 humans existed.

He volunteered as a photographer to record the event of philosopher Paul Edwards's ashes being thrown into the Hudson River. A student at Halsey Middle School 296 and then at Thomas Jefferson High School in Brooklyn, he participated by photographing the event.

In 2007, Ligardy applied to and was accepted at Washington Irving HIgh School, where he studied art and the basic curriculum. After receiving a top grade during college-level art classes at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT)], he was awarded a scholarship to take art classes on Saturdays.

September 2009

In 2009, he had passed three of FIT's college-level courses and two college-level courses at Parsons New School For Design.

In June 2010, the 6' senior at Gramercy Arts High School graduated with a total average of 91, excelling in art and the social sciences.

In 2011 he finished his freshman year as an art major at Parsons The New School for Design. One of his works, inspired by the phoenix and showing how he has risen from the ashes of a difficult childhood, is called Fire Spirit.

Self Portrait, Fire Spirit

in September 2011, he started his sophomore year studying animation at the Academy of Arts University in San Francisco.

His surrogate dad for over seven years in 2011 is Warren Allen Smith.

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