Karl Bayrhoffer

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Bayrhoffer, Karl Theodor (14 October 1812 - 3 February 1888)

Karl Theodor Bayrhoffer was a German philosopher and publicist. From 1838 to 1846, he was a professor of philosophy in the University of Marburg.

In 1848, he was a participant in the revolution and became a member of the Diet of Hesse-Kassel (or Hesse-Cassel), becoming President of the Chamber in 1850.

When his political party (Democratic) lost in the election, in 1853 he came to the United States, settling in Wisconsin as a farmer and writer.

His Idea and History of Philosophy (1838) shows the influence of Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel.

Becoming a champion of German Catholicism, he wrote Researches into the Essence, History, and Criticism of Religion (1849).