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[[Image:Vikin.jpg|thumb|Vikin's Galician-English/English-Galician Dictionary

Vikin, Joe (1933– )

Vikin, formerly a professor of chemistry at Corning Community College, is a trainer at the Center for Diversity Training (PO Box 515, Corning, NY 14830).

A freethinker, he was a member of the NY Society for Ethical Culture when he lived in Brooklyn. When he moved upstate, he joined the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Big Flats.

He is the author of “Diversity, Trust and Tolerance” and “Diversity: A Poetic Celebration,” both used by the Center in their training. He also wrote “Herstory: A Sampling from 1421 to 1775” and “Biblical Stories: Throw the Water Out, Keep the Baby.”

Born in Colombia, Vikin had a grandmother of the Quimbaya tribe and other ancestors who were Basques. He has been in the United States since 1954.


Vikin has written about his views of humanism.

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