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Brancatisano, Fortunato (20th Century)

Brancatisano was an active member of the American Humanist Association.

An Argentine, he was the author of Personalità e Storicisimo Da Hegel a Marx] (Personality and Historicism from Hegel to Marx, that "personality is not just all the usual ways of feeling and of the response, but this definition applies to the individuality, not the moral personality that particularly interested us."

Brancatisano was one of 284 members who attended the First National Congress of Philosophy in Mendoza, Argentina, 30 March to 9 April 1949.

In the 24th meeting of that congress in 1973, he spoke about "The Value of John Dewey's Empiricism." In 1950, his Laconcezionepedagogica di John Dewey (Padua: Liviana, 1950) was published. Brancatisano's correspondence with John Dewey is found in the register of Sidney Hook Papers, 1902-2002.

In 1963, his Per un umanesimo scientifico was published (Il Fauno Editore, 1963)

Mary and Lloyd Morain's Humanism as the Next Step (Beacon 1954) categorized Brancatisano as a "scientific humanist" along with Van Meter Ames, C. E. Ayres, Arthur Bentley, Brand Blanshard, Boyd H. Bode, Rudolf Carnap, Irwin Edman, Herbert Feigl, Philipp Frank, George R. Geiger, Sidney Hook, Horace M. Kallen, Corliss Lamont, Harold A. Larrabee, J. A. Leighton, Charles Mayer, D. Michael Morandini, Max Otto, John Herman Randall, Jr., Joseph Ratner, Oliver L. Reiser, M. N. Roy, Roy Wood Sellars, Surindar S. Suri, Charles Morris, and Gardner Williams.

An Article about Hegel and Marx by Brancatisano

Read the above article in Italian from Actas del Primer Congreso Nacional de Filosofía, Mendoza, Argentina (March-April 1949, Volume 3).