Eleanor Gordon

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Gordon, Eleanor Elizabeth (10 October 1852 - 6 January 1942)

A close friend and associate of Mary Safford, the leader of the “Iowa Band” of “Iowa Sisterhood,” Gordon was committed to liberal religious values and to the cause of fuller women’s rights. She was an assistant minister of the Unitarian Church, Sioux City, Iowa (1885—1889), and minister from 1889 to 1896. Also, she was a minister in Iowa City, Burlington, and Des Moines as well as in Fargo, North Dakota, and Orlando, Florida.

Peter Hughes, in the online Dictionary of Unitarian Universalist Biography, describes her early life, her education, her work, her preference of Theodore Parker over Ralph Waldo Emerson, and her work as a writer and member of the Iowa Sisterhood. She died in Keokuk and is buried in Hamilton, Illinois.