Augustus Saint-Gaudens

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Saint-Gaudens, Augustus (1 March 1848 - 3 August 1907)

Saint-Gaudens, an Irish-born United States sculptor, is known as one of if not the foremost sculptors of the late nineteenth century.

His most famous work, often called Grief, depicts a mysterious figure with a face that is shadowed. But he had another title in mind: either Peace or Nirvana.�

In 1897 in Boston, he built a monument to Robert Gould Shaw, a colonel in a Negro regiment in the Civil War. St. Gaudens was "firm in his principles and a great admirer of Mr. O. B. Frothingham, with whom he agrees," his daughter has said, referring to the leader of the radical wing of late 19th-century Unitarianism.

Louise Hall Tharp Little has written of his religious views in Saint-Gaudens and the Gilded Era (1969).

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