Adelbert Lathrop Hudson

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Hudson, Adelbert Lathrop (12 November 1853 - 1938)

Lathrop was born in Richland, New York and received an L.L.B. from the University of Iowa. He practiced law for 17 years, first as the County Attorney in Algona, Iowa, and in 1883 with a firm in Sioux City. It was in Sioux City that, as a layman, he helped organize the First Unitarian Church in 1885.

His interest in religion was so keen that, deciding to study for the ministry, he earned his A.B. (1893) from Harvard and graduated from the Harvard Divinity School in 1895. He was ordained in 1897 and served parishes in Salt Lake City; Buffalo, New York; and Newton and Quincy, Massachusetts.

In 1920, he became minister of the First Parish in Dorchester, which he served until his death.